Subliminal Messaging in Media (Advertisement)

Coke-Cocaine Picture

Coca-Cola has been reportedly controversial in their advertising, using subliminal messages that involve cocaine and sex. Highlighted in the above picture is an upturned can of Coke that appears to have 2 people sniffing a straw of cocaine. Coke used to contain cocaine. That is no secret. Could that have something to do with the imagery of the people sniffing cocaine in the logo?

Absolut subliminal

Absolut intentionally put a message on the ice-cube of the advertisement for Absolut Subliminal.

Coke on the other hand, does something else with their ice cubes.

Coke-Feel the curves

This Coke advertisement was produced in 1995 and the artist intentionally slipped the image of oral sex into the ice cubes. However, people noticed and Coke had to recall the advert, costing them over $200,000. But before the advert was approved, did no one in Coca-cola notice that obvious image of sex in the ice cube? Or could they have intentionally released that advert with that image on it?

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