Subliminal Messaging in Media (Disney)

Disney is extremely controversial in their subliminal advertising. If the critics can be believed, there are Freudian elements in almost everything that Disney did. From the naked Jessica Rabbit to a phallic tower in The Little Mermaid

Subliminal Messages in Cartoon – Oinkface

However, it is common practice for artists to add gags and inside jokes to their works. Especially in the early days of Disney where no credit was given to any of the artist and only Walt Disney was credited for the shorts, artists would try to sneak their own names in. In the Goofy sports shorts, most of the players’ names are names of Disney artists.

In 1999, Disney recalled the home video versions of The Rescuers as there was an image of a topless woman that was evidently inserted in on purpose.

2 The rescuers image

Although these images are not visible in normal viewing, it is undeniably there and in the millisecond that it appears, although our conscious mind does not register it, our subconscious has recorded the sexual image in that cartoon.

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